The Sword of Damocles?

Although I’m not using the expression as the original meaning intended, in our modern vernacular, it seems to fit.

Sometimes it feels like I’ve been placed under the “Sword of Damocles” – or rather, that I’ve placed myself there, by pushing myself to write every day.

But what nonsense is this?

I love to write. I make my living at it, actually, so why the feeling of impending “doom” if I miss a day or two?

Ignore the drama queen, will you?

She can be quite obnoxious…just slap her about a bit, give her a cup of coffee, shove her in a corner with her laptop and she’ll be right as rain after she gets back to it.

In all reality, I’m just busy. I’ve got two more blogs to write for one client tomorrow, and two for another. Yet another one needs some hours tossed his way, but I’ve no idea where those are going to come from.

Saturday probably, although I prefer to keep my weekends free of client work.

We’ll see.

Oh, and of course, wrapping up my second short story of the year by Sunday.

No pressure here!


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