I’ve toyed with the idea a few times of just dropping this blog.

It’s sitting here…a testament to yet another thing I’ve started, but not finished…ugh!

Consistency is not my forte’…at least when it comes to doing stuff for myself.

I have finished my AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) copywriting course, got AWAI verified, and still trying to get consistent, well-paying clients.

(Thanks to my sweet hubby I did it. I wouldn’t have finished it if it weren’t for him nagging me and holding my feet to the fire!)

So, of course, the fiction writing has taken a back seat.

A girl’s gotta eat ya’ know…and it’s not a lot of fun trying to type in the dark…

Still, sometimes it calls to me…when I’m trying to put together yet another blog for someone on a topic that I have marginal interest in…”you really should write what you want to write about.”

“Yeah, I know.”

So I’ve still got to figure all of this out.

I’ve got to find time to:

  • do client work
  • market my services
  • create a lead gen and other intellectual property for my copywriting business
  • take care of my family
  • write fiction

It’s simply a matter of better time management and organization…I waste too much time going down too many rabbit holes.

I’ve seriously wondered if I’m ADD, lol!

But on a side note, I’m trying gluten free to see if it helps me with the brain fog and the way I get easily distracted. There are other reasons, but those are two of the biggest.

I’m hopeful.

Sometimes I think I should forget about writing fiction, but I think that’s just the fear talking. I’d really hate to reach the end of my life and wonder “what would have happened if I’d kept writing?”

Have you ever felt this way?