Why You Cannot Give Up!

I’ve had enough of navel-gazing for a while…

In fact, I’m quite sick of it.

I’m still struggling with building up my copywriting business, still getting paid less than what I should be (my fault) and fighting the urge to give up. (Of course, there is the old monthly emotional roller-coaster thing that doesn’t help!)

But of course, I cannot.

My family depends on me bringing in an income, so that’s all there is to that.

I just feel as if there’s a giant roadblock in my way and I’ve no idea if it’s me putting it out there myself (self-doubt) or it’s something else (maybe God telling me, not now)?

I don’t know…but as I said, no more focusing on myself…I don’t have the answers anyway, God does.

I need to spend more time with Him, more time in His word.

I pray every day, and often, but I’ve not been feasting on the Bread of Life…so it’s no wonder I’m hungry.

I find myself chasing after money when I NEED to be chasing after God!

He has met our needs…He always does…oh faithless heart, why do you falter?

There’s Joy in the Lord…in seeking Him first.


Thanks, my WP friends…for helping me realize what I’ve been doing wrong…how I’ve been tripping myself up.

I need to come here more often!

Tomorrow is another day and God willing, another chance to spend time with Him and to share Him with those around me.

God bless all who stopped by!
















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