work harder


Today marks day one of The Write Practice’s 7 Day Writing Challenge.

The idea is to simply write.

In your journal…on your story…whatever it is you want to (or have time to) write, just write!

Or in the immortal words of some copywriter for Nike “Just Do It!”

So…here I am…writing.

I’ve never been too hot at challenges…I suppose because I’m not really that competitive.

Or at least I tell myself I’m not…(but secretly, I hate to lose a game of Monopoly…especially to my husband…shhh! 😉 )

But this time I’m going to give this my best shot.

Don’t laugh, but I’m totally counting this little bit as writing…today was a very busy day…it’s after 10 pm right now and I really need to crash so that I can get up early…and perhaps even spend some time writing first thing…we’ll see.

Either way, I’m planning to start earlier so I can work on my fiction…maybe even share a little story right here…we’ll see!

Well, starting to turn into a pumpkin so…good night and God bless!

Dang…getting old sucks! 😀