legoundershoeOkay…let’s be real here…day 2 doesn’t look too much better than day 1.


But…at least I remembered to write something!

I’ve actually got quite a lot to say about topics such as history, our current “leaders”, and a whole lot more, but I’ll keep it simple and ask a question…

“Why do people think they actually have a choice on election day?

I mean…millions of people and these are our choices? Liars, cheats, blow smoke up your arses to get re-elected so we can line our pockets with more cashola from…argh…don’t get me started.

In reality, we don’t have a two-party system, a three-party system or a thirty million party system…we have a single party system, so I’d love it if people would just say, “hey, you know, your “team” and my “team” both suck”!!!

But then there’s the rub…

We’ve all been programmed towards group think…you don’t have to tell me I live in the land of “The Packers”!

Seriously…the elementary kids get to visit the stadium on a field trip! That parents and the school get to pay for because…you know…greed!

So…how in the flip is that kind of “field trip” anywhere close to being “educational”?

Anyway…I digress…

Independent thought, based on a critical study of the facts (or what is presented as fact) seems to be a lost art.

Or am I just grumpy and need to go to bed?

Anyway…if you’re reading this, God bless you for sticking with my rant…see what happens when I go unscripted? 😛