This is part of a story that I began but haven’t finished yet. I’m a discovery writer so I have no clue where it’s going, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Curious if anyone else ever did this…but when I was a kid, I would sneak a read at the last part of a book to decide if I wanted to read it or not.

I always wanted happy endings.

Funny, but that hasn’t changed.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this or not, but it seems like many movies these days have LAME endings.

They either have endings that go nowhere – i.e. the ending makes me think the writer said, “I don’t know where to go from here, so that’s it…that’s the end” or they leave out entire storylines (making me ask why in the heck were those characters in that story…did you forget to edit them out?)

Anyway, for those purists out there, no, I’m not using this story as part of the writing challenge because they’re obviously not NEW words, lol.

But I also wanted to pull out some stories that are gathering electronic dust and share them with you guys!

This is only part of the story…the rest of what I’ve written so far doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, but I plan to try to add more to the story so we can see where this thing goes. 🙂

So without further ado…

******************** PIG’S EYE *************************

His name is Peter, but they call him pig’s eye.”

“No they don’t…they call him pig nose.

Billy shoved his sister away and kept talking to the stranger.

“Stupid girls, what do they know? It’s pig’s eye, on account of he has one eye that’s tiny…like a pig’s.”

The man’s face lit up.“Yes, that’s the one…have you seen him?”

Billy scratched his head and looked up at the man. He wasn’t sure what he wanted with ol’ pig’s eye, but he looked pretty harmless. Still, he wasn’t from Flippin, that was sure. He’d never seen the guy around before…the less he said the better now that he thought about it.

“Well sure I have…that’s why I know what they call him.”

“No, no…I mean, have you seen him lately, say in the last day or so?”

“I, uh, no, can’t say as I have. The last time I…”

“Billy! Katy! Get in here…it’s time to eat!”

“Look Mr., I’ve gotta go, ma gets real mad if I…”

“No, that’s okay, thanks anyway. I’ll keep looking.”

Billy nodded, then grabbed his twin and bolted for the house.

“What have I told you about talking to strangers? He could have been some kidnapper or something!”

Billy shook his head. His mother was just paranoid. Dad would know what to do. He’d have to wait until he got home for the weekend.

But what if he finds Pete first? I’ve gotta go tell him!

“Well, he didn’t, and besides…I’ve gotta tell Pete someone is looking for him!”

“No you won’t…it’s none of your business, just stay out of it. Besides, you didn’t tell the man anything he didn’t already know.”

Billy wasn’t so sure.

“Can I be excused?”

“Yes, but no TV…do you have any homework?”

“No ma’am.”

Carol looked at her son more closely. “Are you sure about that?”

“Um, well…I think so…”

“Better go check and see, then.”

Billy nodded, then sprinted towards his room.

Katy put her plate in the sink. “Mom, I think I know what that guy wanted with ol’ pig nose.”

“Eye, dear…pig’s eye.”

Katy grinned. “Yeah, I know, but I like pig nose better. Anyway, wanna know what I think?”

Carol nodded. She didn’t really want to encourage the topic but felt she probably should – if for no other reason than to point out why it’s not a good idea to talk to strangers.

Katy leaned in closer to her mother, her eyes gleaming. “I think he’s a lawman, that’s what I think!”

Carol smiled. What makes you think that sweetheart? Did he show you a badge?

Katy’s pigtails chased each other around her head. “No, but that’s just because he didn’t want us telling Pig’s Eye he was coming for him!”

“Then what made you think he was a policeman?”

Apparently pleased with her deductive powers, Katy laughed. “Cuz he had shiny black shoes, that’s why…and he was always rubbin’ the dust off the tops of ‘em on the back of his pants legs while he was talking to Billy!”

“Well, that settles it, then, I suppose,” said Carol, hiding a smile, “we’ll just have to wait and see. If Pete did something to get into trouble, that’s on him – it’s none of our business. Now wash up and go do your homework, your father will be home late, so if you get stuck, let me know and I’ll help.”

Katy grinned. “Wait’ll I tell…”

Billy came back into the kitchen, “You’re not telling him, I am,” he shouted.

“Are not.”

“Am too..”

Carol sighed. “Enough. Katy – get started on your homework. Billy. Did you find your homework?”

“Yes, and I done it.”

“You mean you did it.”

“Yeah…I did it.”

“That was fast…”

“It was just some spelling words – I had to write ‘em three times.”

“Okay, then get your shower…and throw your dirty clothes in the hamper, got it?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Billy ran off towards the bathroom, but there was a knock on the door. He ran to the door and opened it wide.

His heart skipped a beat. It was the stranger…again.

And standing right behind him was Pig’s Eye Pete.