What I Learned From the 7 Day Writing Challenge

I learned a lot about myself during the 7 Day Writing Challenge.

I learned that if I don’t make time for my writing it just won’t happen.

I don’t own a TV so I don’t spend hours vegging out in front of one.

I do watch a few movies online, but we’re talking maybe once a week…if that.

I do a lot of reading…mostly non-fiction such as business, marketing, politics, religion, history…although I do absolutely love fiction, at this point I’m only reading short stories here and there.

But the one thing that surprised me the most…interestingly enough…is that I absolutely must give myself a cutoff time each day between client work and my business work.

No more working on client work during the time when I should be focused on doing things that will make a definite impact on my business.

Yes, go ahead and say it…”duh”…I know…I should have been doing this already, but I haven’t.

So while I didn’t really make progress on any of my fiction writing, the project did give me more clarity in what I should do moving forward.

So thanks Joe Bunting and The Write Practice, for the challenge!



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