NaNoWriMo…Does it Strike Fear or Excitement…or Both?


Can you believe that NaNoWriMo was created nearly 20 years ago?


I’ve been waffling back and forth between whether or not I should participate.

Although I’ve got client work, in reality, I don’t work as many hours as if I were working outside of the house, so there’s no real excuse not to.

I could get up an hour earlier (5:30 am) but nah…need my beauty rest…lots of it, lol!

Toying with the idea of doing the Story Engines thing and creating a bare-bones outline, but still not sure. Maybe I’ll just do a premise and work from there, don’t know.

I’ll have a think about it…it’s this Thursday, so I’d better make up my mind, eh? lol

woman with fingertip to mouth looking up like she is thinking






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