No, not the dark little Adaams girl…the middle of the week, silly. 🙂

It’s been a bit tough getting back into the swing of things client-wise…my head space is still on vacation (engaged in a vicarious binge watching full-time RV living videos when I should be writing, why do you ask?)

However, with deadlines looming, the watching has to stop and the doing has to continue…

Sigh…I should have been working on my small business marketing or fiction writing if I wasn’t working on client projects, but I didn’t.

Have to change that.

I suppose it’s because I need to get a book I have in mind “off my chest” as it were before I can get back to fiction…or the marketing website.

What book you say? (yes…dialogue is in my blood, lol)

The tentative title is “The Joy Chronicles”.

No, it’s not some butterflies, rainbows and puppies Christian book (no smilin’ preaching going on here) but it’s about the times we now live in from a believer’s point of view.

Much of it will be about the church – not A church, but THE church – and the role she is now playing vs what she should be playing. The “Institutional Church” and its partnership with THE anti-Christ, not to mention the other little anti-Christ’s running around…

Yes, I realize the title doesn’t seem to fit…it may change, we’ll see.

But, instead of just me ranting, I plan to do actual research (lol) and find original sources to support my statements, or at the very least to (hopefully) make readers question what they think they know about the end times, the church, etc.

As I said earlier, I HAVE TO write this book…it’s driving me nuts, and I’ve already got a short list of topics that I believe will be part of it.

So anyway…I plan to update this blog more often – at least once a week – to let anyone who is interested know the progress I’m making.

What are you working on?