Okay, my little book marketing experiment was an abysmal failure.

Win some…lose some

On to the next thing, right?

What is that next thing?

Write, write some more…share on social media, make a book trailer (because it’s fun, that’s why) and…

Write some more!!!!

Just in case you’re curious, what is the next story?

In His Name is the working title. Still haven’t made a cover for it, because quite frankly I’ve no idea where it’s going. The plan is to have it finished by the end of March.

The premise is that a company has designed a means of “changing” prisoners…changing their thought patterns, etc. so that they’re no longer violent, but peaceful contributors to society.

Only the truth is that the experiment is a failure…and I believe it was intended to fail, but not sure if that’s where it’s going…we’ll see!

Right now I’m in excess of 12,000 words – and I’m nowhere near finished with the story. Some may be cut, some may not, but pushing on through…

Here’s how it starts…at least I think this will be the start of it, still not sure of that, lol. Oh the joys of writing into the dark!

I’m crouched low, the hard concrete digging into the palms of my hands. I try to ignore my throbbing knees and try to squelch the sob that’s rising in my throat..

The putrid smell grabs hold of me, its touch seeping into my bones. The bodies have obviously been baking in the hot Florida sun for God knows how long.