The world is on fire right now, of that there is no doubt.

Maybe that’s why I find myself, more and more lately, thinking about jumping into one of my stories and never coming back to the so-called “real world”.

A story that I can control…that I can turn into whatever it is I’d like it to be.

And even better…do-overs.

Don’t like the way one particular storyline is going?

No worries…scratch that, turn myself into another character, someone with more (or less) faults…superpowers even…whatever I feel like…or someone in a different time…perhaps the Old West, or listening to Jesus speak by the Sea of Galilee…

Or, play the part of a creator and watch everything from the outside looking in as if I’m simply a walk-on character playing her bit in the overall scheme of someone else’s story.

Alas, since I cannot physically change the timeline I’ve been dropped into, then I can do the next best thing…make up stories for myself that I can share with others.

And since I’m also a Christian in addition to a writer, I’ll also do my best to share the greatest story ever told with anyone who’ll listen.

I may be able to do very little to change the world at large, but I know Who can change hearts and lives both now and in eternity.

No matter where you’re at in this life there is an eternity waiting for all of us.

Reality is coming at warp speed…are you ready?