So….tried Scrivener last night for my current work in progress.

I have to say, I like it. At least at first glance. I was stuck on where the story needed to go next, but when I used the corkboard feature it helped me to get unstuck.

I had an idea where I wanted the story to go, but being able to lay out “cards” which had a bit of the story set out on each one of them helped me discover what was missing and what had to happen to get me to where I think the story is going to end.

And best of all…it didn’t kill my desire to finish the story.

It’s not what I consider a proper outline (thankfully, lol) but just a bare bones skeleton which I think will help me progress because I could see the holes and what had to happen next.

Will keep all 2 readers of my blog updated on how it goes!