About a month since I last visited this lonely little blog.

I’m on a roll!

Anyway, how’s things in your world, dear reader?

My fiction writing life is pretty much non-existent…my client writing life is in charge.


Choices, I’m afraid.

So does that mean I’m giving up writing fiction?

Hell no!

As always, it means I’ve got to:

  1. Be real with what I can accomplish in a given day
  2. Show up to write my fiction just as I show up to write and manage blog posts, social media, team bios, website updates, etc., etc.
  3. Not take my fiction so seriously. Words are not precious. If I don’t like them, give ’em the axe and make more! I do it without hesitation on my non-fiction stuff, so why should fiction be any different? Hint: it’s not!!!

To be fair, I do a bit of procrastination on my client writing stuff…it’s a common theme to put things off until they absolutely, positively, must be done.

I don’t recommend this strategy.

So my single goal for my fiction writing today, tomorrow and into the forseeable future is simple…show up, every time, to do the writing, just like I show up to do the work that feeds me and my family.

I believe that thinking of the fiction writing as “practice” (as Dean Wesley Smith recommends) is helpful, but as I was writing this blog something occurred to me…I edited each and every sentence as I wrote it before moving on.

This is a bad habit (or is it?) that slows me down.

Of course, once I’ve finished writing, I go back through yet again and edit a bit more.

What do you think? Do you think it’s really “bad” to edit as you go?