With her tail between her legs…oh, wait…

Seriously though, how is everyone?

I’m still writing for clients, with this poor little blog – among other writing projects – taking a back seat.

Not good!

Oh well…I’m back to it, and so hope to finally get in the habit of posting here more often.

Current project in the works

I seem to jump from project to project; I get bored with one, or get stuck, and jump to another.

That said, my most recent project is another Jazz and Slade story. I really like Jazz, so find myself dropping back in on her and Slade to see what’s going on.

I had thought I’d like to try my hand at writing a romance, but it seems to turn into a mystery every time! Ugh!

Oh well…I do love mysteries, so that’s how it goes. Maybe later I’ll have a go at a cozy mystery. Do love to read them.

In the meantime, I really must finish my current works in progress. (WIPs)

lol…just thought of something.

I’m a knitter and a crocheter, and I do the same thing with my craft projects (I’ve got a HUGE basket that I’ve just started to crochet that needs to be done, I’ve got a washcloth on my knitting needles that would take about an hour or less to finish, and I’ve got a scrap yarn blanket that would take about a month of working on every night to have it done (maybe).

Off I go!