The “Day Job”

It’s time to up my game, as it were. So, I enrolled in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six Figure Writing to improve my copywriting skills and knowledge and to connect with other copywriters. That’s where the majority of my days are being spent…in addition to of course finding clients. Yeah, I know…six figures, huh? That’s not my goal, really, but I’d like to make more, yes…who wouldn’t? My real goal is to learn more, to add value for my clients, and to find clients who understand the value of what I bring to their business. I’ve done a couple of … Continue reading The “Day Job”

It’s good to be back!

Ah, technology. I know very little about setting up websites, mapping domains, etc. A fact that was probably abundantly clear if you stopped by this blog anytime this past week. I purchased a domain through wordpress for my copywriting business, but unfortunately it got mixed up with this blog when I did it because I was signed into when I bought the domain. Silly girl…computers don’t read your mind…yet! lol Needed WordPress help to get it straightened out, but praise God I’ve got both websites straightened out now, so we’re good to go! That, and I’m still pounding … Continue reading It’s good to be back!

Excerpt from “Doctrines of Demons – Defining Christian Witchcraft”

Source : Excerpt from “Doctrines of Demons – Defining Christian Witchcraft” It’s time my TRUE brothers and sisters (speaking to myself too) to take up our crosses and our Jehovah given position in Jesus Christ as creatures made in the image and likeness of our Father and prepare the Church for what is soon coming upon the Earth. When our Beloved returns will he find Faith? Continue reading Excerpt from “Doctrines of Demons – Defining Christian Witchcraft”