What I Learned From the 7 Day Writing Challenge

I learned a lot about myself during the 7 Day Writing Challenge. I learned that if I don't make time for my writing it just won't happen. I don't own a TV so I don't spend hours vegging out in front of one. I do watch a few movies online, but we're talking maybe once... Continue Reading →


Day 6…er…7 of the 7 Day Writing Challenge

Totally missed posting yesterday...moving on. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about what I want to do with my business. While I enjoy working with clients, in all honesty, I really want to write for myself, so am trying to come up with a plan to "escape". Most people would probably sneer and... Continue Reading →

Day 4 of 7 Day Writing Challenge

In the home stretch now...you'd think I'd be on it, but...er...no. One good thing about this challenge is that I'm remembering to come back here and write, so that's a good thing. I envision the sad reality that I may need to carve out some time this weekend if I'm ever going to get more... Continue Reading →

Day 2 of 7 Day Writing Challenge

Okay...let's be real here...day 2 doesn't look too much better than day 1. Sigh. But...at least I remembered to write something! I've actually got quite a lot to say about topics such as history, our current "leaders", and a whole lot more, but I'll keep it simple and ask a question... "Why do people think... Continue Reading →

The 7 Day Writing Challenge Begins…

  Today marks day one of The Write Practice's 7 Day Writing Challenge. The idea is to simply write. In your journal...on your story...whatever it is you want to (or have time to) write, just write! Or in the immortal words of some copywriter for Nike "Just Do It!" So...here I am...writing. I've never been... Continue Reading →

Why You Cannot Give Up!

I've had enough of navel-gazing for a while... In fact, I'm quite sick of it. I'm still struggling with building up my copywriting business, still getting paid less than what I should be (my fault) and fighting the urge to give up. (Of course, there is the old monthly emotional roller-coaster thing that doesn't help!)... Continue Reading →

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