The Sword of Damocles?

Although I'm not using the expression as the original meaning intended, in our modern vernacular, it seems to fit. Sometimes it feels like I've been placed under the "Sword of Damocles" - or rather, that I've placed myself there, by pushing myself to write every day. But what nonsense is this? I love to write.... Continue Reading →


Short Story Number Two in Progress

It's been a crazy busy week - haven't stopped back by, but so far so good...only missed one day writing so far - yesterday. Every other day, I've been writing something on this second story. Have absolutely no clue where it's going or how it's going to end, but that's what's so fun about it!... Continue Reading →

Short story Number One

Yeah! Had a bit of an inspiration this weekend, wrote a flash fiction short story, and even submitted it to an online flash fiction paying market. The title is What's a Housewife to Do and is less than 800 words long, so obviously a flash fiction. Week two short story is now in progress - the plan... Continue Reading →

We All Know Who Wins in The End!!

  Imagine a Muslim majority country being taken over by Christians. I'm not talking an invasion of a so-called Christian nation or even a presidential "ultimatum". I'm talking about God defeating His Enemy from the inside out! We, who call ourselves Christians, serve a powerful God...but He's not the only god. Does that surprise you?... Continue Reading →

Still Humming Along…

Very little - maybe a sentence or two - on the story tonight. Oy...and I promised myself I'd make every effort to write one per week! Then, on top of that, I've got two client blogs to write tomorrow, plus 9 more to wrap up next week. Pressure much??? Arghhh!!! Ah well, off to bed... Continue Reading →

“Alien” or Simple Childhood Tale?

Slowly starting to get back into the swing of things, but it's tough. Glad we're not homeschooling until next week (smart hubby!) as it's helping me ease back into my regular schedule. I've been working on my short story all week, however tonight I wandered into journal mode, pondering the question of why my stories... Continue Reading →

The Year of the Short Story

It's a good thing that the online clutter I have is seen only by me because visitors to my electronic world would take one look, then quickly turn around and leave! And I'm certain I would hear faint whispers of "hoarder" as they quickly pass from view... Yes, I admit it...I collect information. Lots of... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Refrigerator!!

No, I'm not talking about pigging out.🐷🐷 Lol I'm talking about the frigid temperatures that are covering not only Wisconsin but the majority of the USA!!😱 Can't imagine how people in the South are coping with temps that would feel warm to us, LOL! Not much today, just prepping for the start of a new... Continue Reading →

Update and plans for 2018

How time, she flys, eh? This blog is a year old today; I know because my domain fee was just paid, lol! What have I been doing for the past month? Client work, actually, which is a blessing, and I've got yet another client starting in January (2 blogs per week), so that's good too.... Continue Reading →

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