Update on Visitor to Blue Lake…I’ve no idea!

Update on Visitor to Blue Lake. Surprise! I’ve no idea where or when this story will end! lol I’m just north of 16,000 words so it’s definitely not a short story anymore (as I had intended at first, ha!). But that’s okay, because I’m having fun writing it, so hopefully readers will have fun reading it! Otherwise, client work is going well, articles/blogs are being written, learning is happening and hopefully money is being made (for both my clients and myself!) Still working on tweaking the ol’ schedule…have an idea that will continue to be a work in process for a … Continue reading Update on Visitor to Blue Lake…I’ve no idea!

Work in Progress Update and The Day

I just love this pirate…fun! At the risk of playing the girl who cried wolf I’m taking a moment to update my millions of adoring fans…uh, wait…I mean, the few people who’ve stumbled across my little blog… :P…as to the status of my current work in progress. I’m now in excess of 15,000 words on what I thought would be a short story…silly me! But on the bright side, I do think I’m close to wrapping it up as a novella. Maybe after I’ve been writing for a decade…or three (God willing) I’ll be able to see the ending of a story. … Continue reading Work in Progress Update and The Day

Quick update

Hi everybody! 😀 I’d planned to wrap up Visitor to Blue Lake: A Jazz and Slade Story by the 28th of February. In a perfect world, that is…which this world is most obviously not, I would have met my deadline. Needless to say, I did not! But, I did get closer. In fact I know I’ve probably said this before, lol, but I really do think that I’m very close to wrapping this story up. Once I do the next thing I’ll need to do is find a beta reader. Have no idea who – the hubs, although very supportive of … Continue reading Quick update


Memory is a funny thing…at least in my experience. I’ll remember odd bits and pieces about things like my ex-husband’s social security number, but I’ll forget passwords to websites that I should remember. Weird, huh? My husband can remember his grade school locker combination, names of kids he went to school with in Kindergarten for goodness’ sake, but I have a hard time remembering more than a few people I graduated High School with. What the heck is that all about? Granted, sometimes having a poor memory works in my favor…like when I watch a movie that I vaguely remember … Continue reading Reminders

One of Those Writing Days

Instead of wrapping up the story neatly in a few paragraphs where one of my characters explains what they have discovered to the other to resolve the story problem (yawn) I realized that… I need more conflict. Lots of it, actually. Right now I’m thinking a complete rewrite of some of it isn’t out of order… Could just be critical voice …or not. Going to sleep on it. So tonight, I wrote a bunch of stuff, then deleted it because I realized I’d not included even one “try-fail” cycle. And…my protagonist has to meet more of the “bad guys” in … Continue reading One of Those Writing Days


I’m really particular about meeting deadlines. At least deadlines for work that I’m doing for others. But unfortunately, I seem to discount deadlines I set for myself. Any idea why that might be? (Calling all therapists, psychologists and the like…including the armchair variety! 😛 ) With deadlines I do for other people I’m typically getting paid, but I don’t think that’s entirely it. I think it’s because deep down I’m a “people pleaser”. It’s not something I like to admit to myself, but unfortunately, I think that’s the case. Why else would I discount my own deadlines (arbitrary or not) … Continue reading Deadlines

What Works for Me

In terms of writing fiction, what works for me NOW may not be the same a few years from now. Or maybe it will be…who knows? Learning I’ve been listening to podcasts, webinars, email video mini-courses, etc. all designed to help me with my writing (both in craft and in business) but the one thing that I should be doing has, sadly, not been attended to as much as it should have been this last week…the writing! Practice makes better (not perfect…nobody’s perfect but God!) I remember practicing scales on the piano. Over and over and over again. Then chords…I,IV,V,VII … Continue reading What Works for Me

Weekend Whizzed…

By…that’s what I was going to say! The weekend flew by, like two kids chasing a runaway kite. Friday was here…it was a good day, work completed for the week, ready to take care of miscellaneous errands, etc. and then the next thing I know, it’s Sunday night, time for me to get some sleep to start at it another day! Where did it go? Hope all reading this had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and a Lord’s day that revived their spirits.     Continue reading Weekend Whizzed…