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Just a random placeholder picture, but I kind of like it. 🙂

Visitor to Blue Lake: A Jazz and Slade Story

This is a prequel to my Murder in Blue Lake story. I loved the characters so much I had to find out how they met!

It’s with a beta reader right now, so depending upon when I get it back and what I decide to change – if anything – it will probably be published by the end of this month.

Current work(s) in progress

Working title: In His Name 

Not sure exactly where this story is going to go, but at approximately 8,000 words so still in the beginning stages.

Here’s the first few paragraphs…looks to be a fun story so far. 🙂

I’m crouched low, the hard concrete digging into the palms of my hands. I try to ignore my throbbing knees and squelch the sob that’s rising in my throat..

The putrid smell grabs hold of me, its touch seeping into my bones. The bodies have obviously been baking in the hot Florida sun for God knows how long.

It has to be him…there can’t be another one.

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