The “Day Job”

It’s time to up my game, as it were. So, I enrolled in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six Figure Writing to improve my copywriting skills and knowledge and to connect with other copywriters. That’s where the majority of my days are being spent…in addition to of course finding clients. Yeah, I know…six figures, huh? That’s not my goal, really, but I’d like to make more, yes…who wouldn’t? My real goal is to learn more, to add value for my clients, and to find clients who understand the value of what I bring to their business. I’ve done a couple of … Continue reading The “Day Job”

Excerpt from “Doctrines of Demons – Defining Christian Witchcraft”

Source : Excerpt from “Doctrines of Demons – Defining Christian Witchcraft” It’s time my TRUE brothers and sisters (speaking to myself too) to take up our crosses and our Jehovah given position in Jesus Christ as creatures made in the image and likeness of our Father and prepare the Church for what is soon coming upon the Earth. When our Beloved returns will he find Faith? Continue reading Excerpt from “Doctrines of Demons – Defining Christian Witchcraft”

Work in Progress Update and The Day

I just love this pirate…fun! At the risk of playing the girl who cried wolf I’m taking a moment to update my millions of adoring fans…uh, wait…I mean, the few people who’ve stumbled across my little blog… :P…as to the status of my current work in progress. I’m now in excess of 15,000 words on what I thought would be a short story…silly me! But on the bright side, I do think I’m close to wrapping it up as a novella. Maybe after I’ve been writing for a decade…or three (God willing) I’ll be able to see the ending of a story. … Continue reading Work in Progress Update and The Day

Smashword Changes

  Received an email today from Smashwords. Seems the competition (I’m assuming this of course) has encouraged them to make some changes. They’re now paying their authors monthly and they’re sending payments no matter what their account balances are at…used to be they’d only send a payment when your balance reached $10. Good for them…they’re narrowing the distinctions between distributors, so an author will have to do a lot more digging to decide who they want to sign up with. Now if only they’d format books for authors like Direct 2 Digital…maybe that’s next? Now that this has happened I’ll … Continue reading Smashword Changes

The Day…and An Update on WIP

  Typical work day, except…not. Should have gotten up when I woke up about 5 am, but figured I’d be too tired later in the day and tried to sleep until my normal wake-up of 6 am…so of course that meant I got up around 6:45 or so. Not ideal, but okay, I can still do my 45 minutes walking video, shower, etc. and stay the course. Unfortunately, I neglected to factor in the lovely, marvelous “high speed” (cough, cough) internet service we have here in the boonies of the great Northwoods, and other miscellaneous paperwork, errands, etc. Let’s just … Continue reading The Day…and An Update on WIP

What you do versus who you are



This year, my business focus is on my fiction writing.

While I’ll continue doing client work, my goal is to simply write as many stories as I can.  Short stories, mostly unless a novel begs to be written, who knows.

Then, after writing I’ll submit to magazines where my stories may fit, publish what isn’t accepted (then publish when my rights return) and keep on writing.

My other main goal is my health. I’m not a real junk food eater, and it’s very rare for me to eat out, but until recently, the most strenuous thing I’ve done is run my mouth. 😛

So exercise has been added to the list.

Right now I’m having a lot of fun doing workouts with Leslie Sansone. If you’re a real couch potato, she’s a great place to start. From what I’ve read, even long time exercisers still like to do her workouts.

Then later this month sometime, we’ll order a recumbent exercise bike because we’re getting old, and it’s easier on the joints. 🙂  (I say we, because the hubs will use it too!) But, I like the videos so I’ll switch between them and the bike.

I did find some neat videos I can watch of different scenic bike rides while I’m pedaling away…in my damp, musty basement. 😀

So what does exercise and writing have to do with the topic of the blog post?

Nothing, really, just wanted to make sure you’d stick around. 😛

But seriously…I’m a writer. I’ve never been what you’d call athletic. It’s never been WHO I am. People wouldn’t say, hey, that’s Anita…she’s an athlete.

Lol…as if…

But…what if I could change that?

Continue reading “What you do versus who you are”