Smoke and Mirrors…Hiding the Little Foxes

Yes, the headline is obtuse. Let me explain. You see, I love(d) politics. I was a die hard CNN watcher, did my part to vote for the candidate who I thought would do a better job and then watched the results roll in. But now, I suppose you could say my eyes have been opened.... Continue Reading →


Inspire Yourself…Bribery isn’t Off the Table Either

I get David Farland's newsletter, and while he always has some great tidbits of advice for writers, his comments about being your own inspiration struck a chord with me. "I suspect that I was born to do art of some kind. Kevin J. Anderson has said, “My muse isn’t a beautiful spirit who whispers ethereally... Continue Reading →

Million Dollar Outlines by David Farland

I purchased the book Million Dollar Outlines by David Farland as part of a book-bundle a few years back, however, until today I hadn't read it. Why? A couple of reasons. I love discovery writing so much that I thought a book about outlines wouldn't be applicable to me. (The lesson here, kiddos, is never disregard the... Continue Reading →

Learning Strategies: Just in Time vs Just in Case

In today's digital landscape everyone's inboxes are filled to overflowing with information. Lots of it really great info, but still...lots of information. As a self-confessed bibliophile, all of this information lying about is a dual-edged sword. On the one hand, I love to learn lots of new things about writing, marketing, history, current events (sans... Continue Reading →

Why You Cannot Give Up!

I've had enough of navel-gazing for a while... In fact, I'm quite sick of it. I'm still struggling with building up my copywriting business, still getting paid less than what I should be (my fault) and fighting the urge to give up. (Of course, there is the old monthly emotional roller-coaster thing that doesn't help!)... Continue Reading →

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