It’s good to be back!

Ah, technology. I know very little about setting up websites, mapping domains, etc. A fact that was probably abundantly clear if you stopped by this blog anytime this past week. I purchased a domain through wordpress for my copywriting business, but unfortunately it got mixed up with this blog when I did it because I was signed into when I bought the domain. Silly girl…computers don’t read your mind…yet! lol Needed WordPress help to get it straightened out, but praise God I’ve got both websites straightened out now, so we’re good to go! That, and I’m still pounding … Continue reading It’s good to be back!

Well Now Ain’t That Something!

Faith without works is dead, right? So now I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to show some “works” by believing God for a new writing client or other source of income. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my writing eggs were all in a single basket (which of course I knew wasn’t very smart) and now that basket has been toppled. 🙂 I do have other income, however the income I received from my former client comprised the majority of what I bring in. So, shout out to all of my praying brothers and sisters out there, please keep me in your … Continue reading Well Now Ain’t That Something!

Quick Update and Need for Beta Reader

The rumors of my demise have been seriously exaggerated! I’ve been busy on client work, still trying to get the whole “work-life” balance thing straightened out and working on the fiction. I’m still writing the second in my Jazz and Slade series, Visitor to Blue Lake: A Jazz & Slade Story and by jove this time I think I’ve really got it! Seriously though, I do believe it’s nearly done and unsurprisingly (these characters tend to do this to me) I think after this story there’ll be another one. 😛 The morning exercise is going well…which is really saying something for me. … Continue reading Quick Update and Need for Beta Reader

Quick update

Hi everybody! 😀 I’d planned to wrap up Visitor to Blue Lake: A Jazz and Slade Story by the 28th of February. In a perfect world, that is…which this world is most obviously not, I would have met my deadline. Needless to say, I did not! But, I did get closer. In fact I know I’ve probably said this before, lol, but I really do think that I’m very close to wrapping this story up. Once I do the next thing I’ll need to do is find a beta reader. Have no idea who – the hubs, although very supportive of … Continue reading Quick update

Business Plan Review, Adjustment & Trying Something New

At the beginning of the year I had a very ambitious plan to write one short story per week. Of course, that plan went down in flames. No surprise, in fact, I think my inner critic was snickering at my goal setting endeavors, because when I reviewed my business plan today (only 7 days behind schedule, mind you) I hadn’t written ONE short story, let alone 4 for the month of January like I’d planned. What went wrong? Life. I’d not been writing one short story per month, let alone per week, so of course the habits that I needed … Continue reading Business Plan Review, Adjustment & Trying Something New

The Publishing Wars

Well, not wars, actually…more like friendly competition. 😀 Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Pronoun, BookBaby, KDP, Nook Press, Lulu, Barnes & Noble…argh!!! So many publishers/distributors!! Last year I put stories up on both KDP and Smashwords. Out of all of the distributors that Smashwords sends to, Barnes & Noble is, by far, where I’ve sold the most. Wondering if I shouldn’t cut out the middle man and put my stuff upon B&N myself. lol And KDP? Plllh…I don’t think I’ve even sold one book on Amazon. Sad, huh? 😛 But, once I’ve put my marketing plan into action within the next two to three … Continue reading The Publishing Wars

My First Ever Mock-Up…So Exciting!

Yesterday I did a mock-up using a template from a great guy, Mark Monciardini of Covervault. The first one is the template…obviously…and the next is the one I did of one of my stories…Murder in Blue Lake. This was just a test…me learning how to do it in Gimp. I’ve used Gimp before, but I don’t use it much and until now I had no idea what a “mask” was used for, or what an “alpha channel” was…but I’m learning! And did I mention just how fun it is? Looking at the image now I see I should tweak the … Continue reading My First Ever Mock-Up…So Exciting!