It’s good to be back!

Ah, technology. I know very little about setting up websites, mapping domains, etc. A fact that was probably abundantly clear if you stopped by this blog anytime this past week. I purchased a domain through wordpress for my copywriting business, but unfortunately it got mixed up with this blog when I did it because I was signed into when I bought the domain. Silly girl…computers don’t read your mind…yet! lol Needed WordPress help to get it straightened out, but praise God I’ve got both websites straightened out now, so we’re good to go! That, and I’m still pounding … Continue reading It’s good to be back!

Well Now Ain’t That Something!

Faith without works is dead, right? So now I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to show some “works” by believing God for a new writing client or other source of income. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my writing eggs were all in a single basket (which of course I knew wasn’t very smart) and now that basket has been toppled. 🙂 I do have other income, however the income I received from my former client comprised the majority of what I bring in. So, shout out to all of my praying brothers and sisters out there, please keep me in your … Continue reading Well Now Ain’t That Something!


Yeah! Wrapped up Visitor to Blue Lake: a Jazz and Slade Story at around the 20K mark. It’s cover page time while I wait on the beta reader to give me some feedback in a few weeks, both for this most recent story and a revision for the other one in the series which of course wasn’t a series when I first wrote it…you know, since I write into the dark! lol I still may do some more short stories for the duo, but I want to play in another universe as it were. 😛 Have a few ideas rattling around, but … Continue reading Finished!

Quick Update and Need for Beta Reader

The rumors of my demise have been seriously exaggerated! I’ve been busy on client work, still trying to get the whole “work-life” balance thing straightened out and working on the fiction. I’m still writing the second in my Jazz and Slade series, Visitor to Blue Lake: A Jazz & Slade Story and by jove this time I think I’ve really got it! Seriously though, I do believe it’s nearly done and unsurprisingly (these characters tend to do this to me) I think after this story there’ll be another one. 😛 The morning exercise is going well…which is really saying something for me. … Continue reading Quick Update and Need for Beta Reader

Update on Visitor to Blue Lake…I’ve no idea!

Update on Visitor to Blue Lake. Surprise! I’ve no idea where or when this story will end! lol I’m just north of 16,000 words so it’s definitely not a short story anymore (as I had intended at first, ha!). But that’s okay, because I’m having fun writing it, so hopefully readers will have fun reading it! Otherwise, client work is going well, articles/blogs are being written, learning is happening and hopefully money is being made (for both my clients and myself!) Still working on tweaking the ol’ schedule…have an idea that will continue to be a work in process for a … Continue reading Update on Visitor to Blue Lake…I’ve no idea!

Quick update

Hi everybody! 😀 I’d planned to wrap up Visitor to Blue Lake: A Jazz and Slade Story by the 28th of February. In a perfect world, that is…which this world is most obviously not, I would have met my deadline. Needless to say, I did not! But, I did get closer. In fact I know I’ve probably said this before, lol, but I really do think that I’m very close to wrapping this story up. Once I do the next thing I’ll need to do is find a beta reader. Have no idea who – the hubs, although very supportive of … Continue reading Quick update

Weekend Whizzed…

By…that’s what I was going to say! The weekend flew by, like two kids chasing a runaway kite. Friday was here…it was a good day, work completed for the week, ready to take care of miscellaneous errands, etc. and then the next thing I know, it’s Sunday night, time for me to get some sleep to start at it another day! Where did it go? Hope all reading this had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and a Lord’s day that revived their spirits.     Continue reading Weekend Whizzed…

Discipline Isn’t Always a Dirty Word

Discipline. To a child it means “oops, I’m in trouble.” To an adult it means “staying on a diet” or “doing what I have to do.” To both a child and an adult then, discipline has a negative connotation. Merriam-Webster expands on that narrow definition. My favorite definition is number 5c; “self control” punishment obsolete :  instruction a field of study training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character control gained by a. enforcing obedience or order b.  orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior c. self-control 6. a rule or system of rules governing conduct … Continue reading Discipline Isn’t Always a Dirty Word

Another day closer

Closer to…what? Closer to getting my story done? Closer to wrapping up my client work for the week? Closer to my ultimate demise? Or is it all of the above? 😛 Got a call from our tax guy…he’s finished preparing the tax returns and needed our signatures. Yeah…favorite time of year. Don’t get me started… 🙄 So of course my schedule got messed up, which has thrown off the rest of my day. Now it’s time to go to bed and I wrote not one word of fiction today. I could get really annoyed and angry about it, but why? It’s … Continue reading Another day closer

Quick update

Keeping up the blog writing streak. Busy day today, still catching up on client work, which means that I’ve got to wrap up my week on Saturday. That’s life….at least I’ve got client work and for that I am thankful. God has truly blessed me. After wrapping up the client work then more on Visitor to Blue Lake…I think I’m getting close, but then again, every time I say that, something else happens!   Continue reading Quick update