UPDATE: Short Story Number Two

Still plucking away at this story and since we're nearly done with the month you could say I've not hit my goal... YET! Still trying to maintain the habit of writing every day. Some days I do, some I don't, but as long as the "do's" outnumber the "don'ts" I'll feel like I'm making progress!... Continue Reading →


What’s a Housewife to Do?

What had started in a moment of frustration led to a long string of bad decisions. At least, that’s what my attorney was going to say. I didn’t really care what he was going to say but was glad that I’d get out faster than if I hadn’t agreed to the plea bargain. They don’t... Continue Reading →

The Year of the Short Story

It's a good thing that the online clutter I have is seen only by me because visitors to my electronic world would take one look, then quickly turn around and leave! And I'm certain I would hear faint whispers of "hoarder" as they quickly pass from view... Yes, I admit it...I collect information. Lots of... Continue Reading →

No Other World But Earth

It wasn’t that he hated the house. No, it was a wonderful house. It was just that it reminded him of what  a waste it had all been. His entire life had been wrapped up in acquisition so much that he’d entirely forgotten what it was like to be human. Well, that’s not exactly true.... Continue Reading →

The Name Collector

  Betty was a small town girl, but that didn’t mean she always would be. It would take about a year at this rate to collect the names...but that was not soon enough so she had to step it up. Faster. The plan was simple, really. Just begin by tapping into the church social circle... Continue Reading →

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