On Tumbleweeds…Pastors…and The Bride

Whew...bit dusty 'round these parts! Sorry about that, dear blog... I've been so focused on my copywriting that my little blog gets the short end of the stick. Trying to remedy that, but need to come up with an editorial calendar to help me with writing topics (I've got so many thoughts and ideas flying... Continue Reading →


Things That Make You Go Hmmm

I was reading an interesting article this morning about the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. Unless you've been living in a remote cave somewhere you've probably heard of the linen cloth that is supposed to be Jesus' burial cloth. What made me go "hmm, that's neat" was the following: Going to Pilate, he asked... Continue Reading →

We All Know Who Wins in The End!!

  Imagine a Muslim majority country being taken over by Christians. I'm not talking an invasion of a so-called Christian nation or even a presidential "ultimatum". I'm talking about God defeating His Enemy from the inside out! We, who call ourselves Christians, serve a powerful God...but He's not the only god. Does that surprise you?... Continue Reading →

Life…out there…

I don't watch TV...in fact we don't even own what folks have always called "the idiot box"...but I've heard people reference a television program titled "Ancient Aliens". From what I understand some people think that humans¬†were "seeded" by smarter, intelligent beings (aliens). Who of course are kind and caring and oh so benevolent! Yeah...right! Agenda... Continue Reading →

Fear or Faith?

  If you've never read the book of Enoch, then let's just say you're in for a big surprise. Before I dig into Enoch, ¬†let's look at one of the books that the mainstream church has canonized...Jude. The following is taken from Jude Chapter 1, verses 14 and 15. The "these" that Jude is referencing... Continue Reading →

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