Smoke and Mirrors…Hiding the Little Foxes

Yes, the headline is obtuse. Let me explain. You see, I love(d) politics. I was a die hard CNN watcher, did my part to vote for the candidate who I thought would do a better job and then watched the results roll in. But now, I suppose you could say my eyes have been opened.... Continue Reading →


We All Know Who Wins in The End!!

  Imagine a Muslim majority country being taken over by Christians. I'm not talking an invasion of a so-called Christian nation or even a presidential "ultimatum". I'm talking about God defeating His Enemy from the inside out! We, who call ourselves Christians, serve a powerful God...but He's not the only god. Does that surprise you?... Continue Reading →

What is the Hope Project?

As we get closer and closer to the time that the Apostles and prophets described thousands of years ago, the more vital hope will be to Christians’ success on the battlefield. The silent majority, I believe, are battling the same fears and doubts that nonbelievers are simply because we’re too focused on what the enemy... Continue Reading →

Life…out there…

I don't watch fact we don't even own what folks have always called "the idiot box"...but I've heard people reference a television program titled "Ancient Aliens". From what I understand some people think that humans were "seeded" by smarter, intelligent beings (aliens). Who of course are kind and caring and oh so benevolent! Yeah...right! Agenda... Continue Reading →

The Hope Project

The name has been running through my brain for the past month or so...the hope project. Don't know what it will be exactly...I'm thinking a book perhaps? Don't know... One of the Enemy's (Christians, take note here...) most insidious tactics for defeating Christians is to take away our hope. He can, of course, take away... Continue Reading →


I used to be a news junkie. It all started with the hearings on the Iran Contra "affair". Until then, I'd had no real interest in politics or what was happening in the world...I lived my life, went to work, paid the bills and that was pretty much it. The news was just a blip... Continue Reading →

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