Smoke and Mirrors…Hiding the Little Foxes

Yes, the headline is obtuse. Let me explain. You see, I love(d) politics. I was a die hard CNN watcher, did my part to vote for the candidate who I thought would do a better job and then watched the results roll in. But now, I suppose you could say my eyes have been opened.... Continue Reading →


Inspire Yourself…Bribery isn’t Off the Table Either

I get David Farland's newsletter, and while he always has some great tidbits of advice for writers, his comments about being your own inspiration struck a chord with me. "I suspect that I was born to do art of some kind. Kevin J. Anderson has said, “My muse isn’t a beautiful spirit who whispers ethereally... Continue Reading →

Million Dollar Outlines by David Farland

I purchased the book Million Dollar Outlines by David Farland as part of a book-bundle a few years back, however, until today I hadn't read it. Why? A couple of reasons. I love discovery writing so much that I thought a book about outlines wouldn't be applicable to me. (The lesson here, kiddos, is never disregard the... Continue Reading →

Marketing Your Books

  Even if you're going the "traditional" route and trying to find a book publisher, there will come some point in time that you'll need to focus on marketing your book(s). That's just it. Some authors advise writers to just keep writing and that after time, readers will find you, while others recommend that you... Continue Reading →

Learning Strategies: Just in Time vs Just in Case

In today's digital landscape everyone's inboxes are filled to overflowing with information. Lots of it really great info, but still...lots of information. As a self-confessed bibliophile, all of this information lying about is a dual-edged sword. On the one hand, I love to learn lots of new things about writing, marketing, history, current events (sans... Continue Reading →

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